Monday, February 16, 2009

Real World Compositing with Adobe Photoshop CS4 or HTML

Real World Compositing with Adobe Photoshop CS4

Author: Dan Moughamian

In Real World Compositing with Adobe Photoshop X, experts Scott Valentine and Dan Moughamian show readers how to enhance their photography and Photoshop skills—from scene selection and preparation to photographic technique.

Professional photographers and digital artists wishing to produce photo-real composite images and surreal artwork by blending—or compositing—many individual images can learn all they need to know right here. Building from a presumed skill set, the authors provide detailed examples and explanations that cover the newest features in Photoshop CS4 and popular 3D applications.

More than just a guide for using the software, this book also instructs readers on photographic planning and technique, key graphic design concepts, and even visual perception as applied to creative images—an increasingly popular approach which requires the digital artist to become more involved in the presentation and concept of their images.

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Author: Elizabeth Eisner Eisner Reding

Part of the Illustrated Series, this text offers a quick, visual, step-by-step approach for learning how to create, format, and enhance a Web page using HTML.

Table of Contents:
Unit A: Creating an HTML Document
Unit B: Formatting Text with HTML
Unit C: Adding Graphics and Multimedia
Unit D: Using Forms to Control Output
Unit E: Working With Tables
Unit F: Controlling Page Layout
Unit G: Designing Web Pages
Unit H: Scripting for HTML

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